Hi, I'm Jake.

The natural world offers so many benefits for our everyday lives. I’m passionate about getting my hands dirty to understand the possibilities. Building on my experiences in marketing and education, I’m leveraging ecological design to make connections between human systems and natural systems. For a good time, ask me about giraffe saliva, farms that function like forests, or the dirty little secrets behind zero-waste initiatives.

Home in Seattle


Before moving to Seattle, I spent the better part of a decade years living and working in Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, and Nicaragua. In these places I've been a bartender, graphic designer, teacher, marketer, and farm manager. I'm native to the Midwest where I grew up in Minnesota and Kansas. I'm a University of Kansas grad with degrees in journalism and sociology—areas that I continue to apply to my work and travels.

What is Ecological Design?

Any form of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes.  It helps connect scattered efforts in green architecture, sustainable agriculture, ecological engineering, and ecological restoration. — Sym Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan

Like many good things, I first discovered biomimicry while watching a TED Talk nearly 10 years ago. The idea struck me like no other idea has. From there, I broadened my work to explore not just biomimicry but also permaculture, biophilia, and circular economies—all under the ecological design umbrella. These fields give me a much needed reminder to balance creative and necessary time in the office with equally important time in the forest, on the mountain, or at the oceanside.